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FFL Transfer Services
FFL Transfer Services

DNS Guns & Suppressors is happy to do FFL transfers. Our fee is $25 for up to 2 firearms at one time. Any additional firearms over two will have an additional $5 fee per firearm. Once your firearm(s) is delivered we will contact you to come pick it up. If you are tracking your item be aware that just because it has been delivered that it will be ready to pick up immediately. All firearms must be entered into our bound book per Federal Law before we can actually transfer them to you. This takes time. In most cases you can pick your item up within 4 hours after delivery, however due to circumstances outside our control you may have to come the next business day.

Per Federal Law the firearms you purchase and have shipped to our location for transfer DO NOT belong to you until we have received a positive response from the FDLE. If you know you are under indictment or have been refused a firearm in the past and knowingly order a firearm we will not be able to transfer it to you OR TO ANYONE ELSE if we receive a negative response from the FDLE.

We are not responsible for any monetary damages period. We CAN NOT SELL the item for you. We WILL NOT PAY YOU FOR THE ITEM under any circumstances. You have the right to appeal any negative response and we will help you with the paperwork. We will hold your item for 90 days while you file the appeal. After that time the item may be disposed of in any manner we choose.

All items shipped in to our location for transfer MUST BE CLAIMED WITHIN 90 days unless other arrangements are made. After 90 days you will be charged a $25 per week per item for storage. We have very limited safe storage space and all items must be locked up in this safe when we are not opened for business. We are not looking to steal your guns. It's just common sense that we have this policy. We are a firearms manufacturer that offers dealer services in addition to building quality firearms. We are not a gun storage facility.  We will not hold any item for more than 12 months, period. After 12 months your item will be disposed of in any manner we choose. You WILL NOT BE COMPENSATED FOR THE ITEM PERIOD!

In the event of your death after you order an item but before you claim it we will be happy to transfer the weapon to your estate. We will even waive any fee for the services. The 12 months maximum still applies on holding the items but at least your family can enjoy what you purchased.

A copy of our FFL can be downloaded here.